Building the biggest virtual restaurant chain in Europe

  • Pertti Kallioinen CEO, Founder
  • Sauli Lehtovaara COO, Co-founder
  • Henri Auvinen CGO, Co-founder
  • Wei Zhou Head of Asian Concepts, Co-founder
  • Arto Martonen Brand & Strategy, Co-founder
  • Jade Mustonen Operations Manager Finland
  • Dinh Duong Operations Manager Germany
  • Kasperi Kyyrä Launcher
  • Joakim Tång Area Manager
  • Tarik Music Area Manager

Munchfam is the finest virtual restaurant brand. You’ll find us at 400+ restaurants in Finland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Designed by industry experts for restaurant owners

Munchfam was founded with one sole purpose in mind: to help restaurants offer better and more exciting food experiences to their guests.

The customer's expectations and behavior are changing with the possibility to order from cloud restaurants. We exist to help restaurants to match customers' needs and demands.

Munchfam is about the freedom to eat well wherever you are and whatever you're feeling like. The idea to start a virtual restaurant brand is based on the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of kitchens making pizzas, kebabs, Asian food and what have you. Yet those restaurants aren't bustling all the time. There are idle moments too – and that’s where Munchfam comes in!

Munchfam consists of several high quality food brands within reach for every fast food restaurant on the face of the earth (well, eventually).

Spread the word and get munching!

Care to grab a bite? We don’t have any restaurants of our own (that’s kinda the idea of being virtual). Instead you’ll find our food at your local eatery, on Foodora and Wolt. Quick and easy to order!

No Munchfam in your neighborhood?

Tell your go-to restaurant about us and we’ll do our best to make it happen!